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Total Freight International – Best Regional Agent for 2013

Nov 12,2014

Total Freight International was awarded the ‘Best Regional Agent’ in the year 2013 after a survey was conducted among the World Freight Group (WFG) members who represent over 400 ports spread among different parts of the world.

The survey conducted by the 115 WFG members brought out TFI to be the best in the Middle Eastern Region. The hard work of the staff at TFI, and their dedication to the quality of service provided was a major decision maker in the process.

The World Freight Group was formed in 1992 in Singapore and currently has its head office based in the United Kingdom. The WFG forms partnerships on a worldwide scale and enables highly successful companies to work together. This makes the WFG one of the world’s leading groups in the growing industry of intermodal transportation providing clients with the benefits of personal service and high technology communication.