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Total Freight International (TFI) is one of the pioneers of sea-air in the UAE. For customers looking to move cargo from the Far East or South East Asia to Africa or Europe, sea-air is the ideal solution. If you consider air freight to be expensive, or sea-freight too time consuming, then sea-air is the answer to your problems. Sea-Air offers a middle ground, which combines the speed of airfreight and the economies of sea freight. Sea-Air via Dubai is perfect for you if:

  • You have cost-sensitive yet not urgent cargo
  • Your cargo is high value
  • Cargo is moving from the Far East and South East Asia to Africa and Europe

Dubai offers a perfect link between the East and the West. With the connection of the airport and seaport by a dedicated customs bonded bridge, as the container is offloaded from the vessel, we can seamlessly move cargo from the seaport to the airport in just under 45 minutes!

If you have a part shipment that needs to be delivered in the UAE, while the remaining cargo needs to be airlifted, we can move the container to our warehouse, where the cargo will be split between local deliveries and exports. Our team of experts are available to consult on a solution that is perfect for you.

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