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The journey of a product is often subject to several adverse handling and environmental conditions before it is finally used. Often, these handling conditions can damage or adversely affect the products.

Total Freight International (TFI) specialized packing team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the cargo, regardless of the handling conditions it is subject to. Our team will ensure that the products are secured on all sides, so that it reaches its destination in its original condition.

Through our packing we ensure:

  • Product Protection
    • Professional packaging enables the goods and materials to be protected from damage, loss, corrosion and theft.
  • Cost Reduction
    • Professional packaging is the key to cost cutting – e.g. lower packaging material consumption, better transport utilization and reduced damages.
  • Packed suitably to move by air or sea
  • Increased handling functionality
  • Branding
    • Professional packaging solutions help the products to be branded throughout the supply chain: from the production to the final point of sale.

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