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Our e-commerce logistics solutions make e-commerce fulfilment easy. At TFI we understand the unique complexities of this non traditional business model and the logistics needs surrounding it. We have the capabilities and infrastructure to handle the challenges involved in e-commerce. We ensure that everything, from receiving the goods to picking, packing and dispatching, the entire span of holding the inventory to getting it delivered to your customers reliably and consistently, is taken care of.

Order Management:

  • Stocking and re-stocking of products by triggering orders to suppliers.
  • Updated inventory information – available real time.
  • Database maintenance of the vendors and customers.
  • Record of customer returns and refunds.
  • Information on billing and payments.
  • Order processing record.
  • General ledger information.

Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment:

  • Warehouse Management System Integration (WMS) enables stock keeping by linking our WMS with the website through API.
  • Effective and efficient management of orders.
  • Real time reconciliation stock leaves no margin for error or complications.

Delivery and Payment;

  • Immediate dispatch of packed orders.
  • Efficient and round the clock working carriers.
  • Cash on Delivery services provided.

Order Tracking:

  • Our online tracking system is the quickest way to get real time information on all TFI parcels.

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